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Counselling available by appointment:

bulletIn office/person
bulletOn phone


bulletRegistered Social Worker in Alberta
bulletDiploma Addictions Counselling
bulletCrisis Intervention Worker Certified
bulletSuicide Intervention Certified
bulletPractioner in Self Regulation Therapy (Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education)

Since 1999 I have had the privilege of working with numerous individuals in our community in regards to issues around addictions, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, grief and loss, and sexual abuse.

Individuals often feel they should be able to handle stressors on their own. When they are unable to resolve these issues, find it difficult to know where to ask for the help. It is important that those needing assistance receive it in a timely, confidential, and convenient manner.

As this is a private practice the typical funding source through Alberta Health Care doesn't provide for this type of service. As a result either private funding personally or employee benefit packages may include provisions for counselling. I have included a couple of examples of alternative funding:

bulletMost of the oil companies have provisions for counselling services with their supplemental health insurance (ie Great West Life), if the counsellor is a Registered Social Worker in Alberta. Arrangements often can be made for the insurance company to pay the service provider directly, or they will reimburse the employee.
bulletCity of Medicine Hat employees under the Employees Emphasis Program are eligible to have 1/2 of their counselling costs paid for by their employer up to 5 visits.
bulletPalliser Health Region EAP program allows for five visits.
bulletDepending on the employers benefit packages qualification requirements the employee may be reimbursed for the costs. Each client needs to inquire with their insurer as to these specifics. Typically, the client pays for services and is reimbursed by submitting paid invoices to their plan. Arrangements with my office can be made to bill directly to the employee plan of the client. ** A doctor's referral (ie on a prescription pad) is required typically by the insurance plan to begin therapy.
bulletReceipts kept by clients can be applied to medical costs on their income tax each year.
bulletMotor vehicle accident victims are often eligible for funding to provide counselling through their motor vehicle insurance companies under their Section B Funding. After an accident/trauma individuals involved often find it difficult to return to their normal level of activity, sense of safety, and their prior quality of life. Research has shown that other therapies, including physiotherapy and massage, have increased success rates when coupled with counselling for the trauma related to the Motor Vehicle Accident.

My office has flexible hours that allow clients to book appointment times during the day, in the evening or on weekends, if required to accommodate individual schedules. My office is conveniently located at #104 1601 Dunmore Rd. SE through the main entry between Nutter's and Cypress Insurance.

To assist individuals in the functioning of their lives on a day to day basis with strategies and skills to allow them to carry on independently and confidently. I often refer to myself as a "tour guide" - I encourage the exploration of the answers each individual has within themselves.

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