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I am located at #104 1601 Dunmore Rd SE through the main entrance between Nutter's and Cypress Insurance.

I have been counselling in Medicine Hat and area for the past 6 years;

bulletClients dealing with addictions:
bulletEating Disorder

I am a Registered Social Worker in the Province of Alberta. Graduating with Honours from the Addictions Counselling Faculty at the Medicine Hat College. Having done extensive continuing education in the area of Eating Disorders, Self Esteem, Mental Health and Addictions at various courses in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

In addition to Traditional Therapies, I am an advanced practitioner of Self Regulation Therapy, an integrative somatic approach to resolve developmental and shock trauma.

As this is a Private Practice a standard fee per hour will be charged. A physician's referral may be required. Many companies will pay directly or will reimburse their client depending on each individual company policy.

Business hours are flexible, accommodating early morning, daytime, and evening sessions as needed. If you require further information please feel free to contact me at 403 529-0800.

Have you been experiencing?

bulletSelf esteem issues
bulletDifficulty with your sleep patterns
bulletDisordered eating
bulletPanic attacks
bulletRelationship issues

Treatment may take the form of Traditional Therapy or the recently developed Self Regulation Therapy.

Counselling Issues Addressed:

bulletSelf Esteem
bulletSuicide/Crisis Intervention
bulletProcess addictions
bulleteating disorders
bulletSubstance abuse/addictions
bulletDrugs and alcohol
bulletGrief & Loss
bulletDomestic Abuse
bulletTrauma Counselling
bulletSexual Abuse
bulletMotor Vehicle Accidents
bulletAssault, etc.

Do you have patients experiencing difficulty with their sleeping patterns, nightmares, or flashbacks?

These are common outcomes after a traumatic event. Motor Vehicle Accidents are a common cause of trauma. Unfortunately counselling is often overlooked in the treatment plans for victims of Motor Vehicle Accident's

Self Regulating Therapy has proven to be effective in the Relief of trauma, Post Traumatic Stress, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Self Regulation Therapy

The most recent psycho-physiological and neurobiological research points to non-conscious mind-body processes as the driving force in maintaining dysfunctional patterns. Significant overwhelming events at anytime during one's life can result in neuron-physiological changes that alter the way a person operates in the world and relates to others. These events, often labelled as traumatic, include but are not limited to: motor vehicle accidents, surgeries, medical/dental procedures, assault, rape, childhood abuse, falls, near drowning, electrocution, attack by wild animals, war, natural disasters, and birth trauma.

Self-regulation is an innate capacity we share with animals to flexibly respond to novelty or threat. Dysregulation is the inability to modulate emotional and behavioural responses, which shows itself in many disorders including post-traumatic stress disorders. Physical symptoms of dysregulation include insomnia, asthma, allergies, migraines, tinnitis, hyperacousis, photophobia, neck and back pain, fibromyalgia, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and alcohol and drug abuse.

Self Regulation Therapy is a body centred approach which gives people with dysregulated nervous systems ways to help deactivate traumas that are held in the body, in a safe and titrated way.

When deactivation of the nervous system takes place an individual is able to live much more fully in their body and return to their natural level of homeostasis

Many insurance companies will reimburse the cost of necessary therapy as defined by their physician*.
(*Patients need to obtain a written referral from their physician to attend counselling)

Patient is responsible for fees.

For further information call:

Sandy Stevens Consulting & Counselling Services
Ph: 403 529-0800
#104 - 1601 Dunmore Rd SE
Medicine Hat, AB
T1A 1Z8


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